Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daylily Days

One of the first flowers I began working with was the daylily.  These flowers are super easy to grow and propagate.  If gardening for you is similar to working in a science lab, then there is no better way to quickly see the results of your own experiments than through cross-breeding your own daylilies.  I've found that seeds produced in early summer can be planted and produce foilage before the end of that same season. 

To hybridize your own daylilies simply remove a pollen laden stamen (there are six of these that will have thick yellow pollen on the end) from the plant, and rub it against the pistil (this is found in the center of plant and is surrounded by its own stamen) of the plant which you wish to produce the seeds.  It's best to attempt cross pollination in the morning.  Wait for a thick oval seed pod to appear, pluck it from the parent, and voila!